Forty-one trainees sponsored by COST FA 1106 for a total budget of 46k€  have already attended to one of the three Training School organized by leading scientist in their fields.

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Provisional program

Day 1: Metabolomics: background information

9.00:      Lecture: Welcome and brief introduction to plant metabolomics(Prof. Robert Hall)

9.30        MS based metabolomics (Dr Sander van der Krol)

10.15:    Break

10.30:    Practical Demo: Chromatograms and Mass spectra (Dr Sander van der Krol)

11.15:    Lecture: Comparing metabolomics data (Dr Sander van der Krol)

12.00:    Lunch

13.00: Introduction LCQTOF MS / GCTOF MS / SPME GC MS (3 groups)

13.45: Sample preparation + extraction / analysis Platform 1

17.00: End of Day 1


Day 2: Wet experiments

  9.00:    Lecture: From Mass to Metabolite to Biology (Dr Sander van der Krol)

10.00:  Break

10.15:  Practical + Demo: GCMS Data processing (Dr Roland Mumm)

12.00:    Lunch

13.00:    Introduction to the practical sessions

13.30     Extraction / Analysis Platform 2 (3 groups)

15.00:    Lecture: Introduction to multivariate data analysis(Dr Chris Maliepaard)

16.00:    Practical: GCMS data processing continued (Dr Roland Mumm)

17.00:    End of day 2

Day 3:    Metabolomics: data acquisition, processing

09.00:    Lecture: Challenges of metabolite annotation (Dr Ric de Vos, Dr Roland Mumm)

10.00:  Break

10.15   Practical + Demo: LCMS Data processing (Dr Ric de Vos)

12.00:    Lunch

13.00:    Extraction / Analysis Platform 2 (3 groups)

15.00:    Practical: LCMS data processing (continued)

17.00:    End of day 3


Day 4: Data analysis and invited lectures

09.00:    Lecture: Moving towards pathway analysis (Dr Sander van der Krol)

10.00:    Practical: Evaluation data processing, comparing results

12.00:    Lunch

18.30   Workshop Dinner with speakers

 Day 5: Discussion and evaluation

9.00:      Discussion: Problems and solutions

10.45:    Break

11.00:    Evaluation course

12.00:    Farewell Lunch

14.00:  Travel home