Preliminary program


Preliminary program

Book of abstracts

Thursday, October 6

9h00 – 12h30     Registration and poster setup

14h00 - 14h15    Welcome address and Introduction to the COST Action FA1106 Hernâni Geros (Local Organizer) Mondher Bouzayen (Chair) - Mario Pezzotti (Vice-Chair


SESSION 1: “Fruit Development and Ripening” Chairs: Kalliopi Angelakis Roubelakis & Hernani Geros                         

14h15-14h40      Zhengguo Li (Chonquing University,Chongqing, Chine) Functional characterization of SlTIR1/AFBs auxin receptor family uncovers distinctive roles in regulating growth and development in tomato     

14h40-15h05      Hernani Geros (Universidade do Minho, Portugal)
Molecular, biochemical and biotechnological impacts of copper in grape berry (Vitis
vinifera L.)

15h05-15h30      Livio Trainotti (University of Padova, Italy)  A ROOT GROWTH FACTOR/GOLVEN peptide hormone is involved in a regulatory circuit with auxin and ethylene to regulate peach ripening

15h30-15h45      Guojian Hu ESR (INRA-INP, Toulouse, France) Epigenetic changes underlying the genome-wide transcriptomic reprogramming of the flower-to-fruit transition in tomato

15h45-16h05 Coffee Break
SESSION 1: “Fruit Development and Ripening” continued Chairs: Sara Amancio & Antonio Granell

16h05-16h30      Panos Kalaitzis (Maich, Chania, Greece) A tomato prolyl 4 hydroxylase is involved in fruit development and abscission

16h30-16h55      Giovanni Battista Tornielli (University of Verona, Italy) Functional characterization of a TTG2-like transcription factor involved in the regulation of vacuolar transport and flavonoid biosynthesis in grapevine

16h55-17h20      Arnaud Bovy (PRI- Wageningen University, The Netherlands) Large scale phenotyping of aroma in a tomato core collection

17h20-17h35      Luisa Carvalho ( ISA, University of Lisbon, Lisbon) Gene selection for a qPCR array to analyse the response to abiotic stress in grapevine leaves

17h35-17h50      Neda Anicic ESR (University of Belgrade, Serbia) COST STSM Chemical and trancriptomic analyses revealed the phenylpropanoid biosynthesis during development of Cistus creticus subsp. Creticus fruit

17h50 -19h45      Poster Sessio
20h30 Gala Dinner

Friday, October 7

SESSION 2: “Environment factors determining fruit yield”Chairs: Sladjana Savic & Angelos Kanellis

9h00-9h25          Ana Margarida Fortes (Universidade do Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal)  Structural and Functional Analyses of the GRAS and LOB Gene Family in Grapevine Indicate a Role of GRAS and LOB Proteins in the Control of Grape Ripening and Stress Responses

9h25-9h50          Rebecca Stevens (INRA, Avignon, France) A systems biology study in tomato fruit reveals signaling from the ascorbate pool and links with translation and the heat-shock response

9h50-10h15        Claudio Bonghi (Padova, Italy) Impact of rootstock and vineyard practices on the grape berry development and composition

10h15-10h30      Artur Conde (Universidade do Minho, Braga, Portugal) Kaolin foliar application has a stimulatory effect on phenylpropanoid and flavonoid pathways in grape berries

10h30-10h50 Coffee Break
SESSION 3: Fleshy Fruit Metabolism and quality  Chairs: Gabriella Rapeanu & Jean-Marc Routaboul

10h50-11h15      Paul Fraser (Royal Holloway University of London, London, UK) Expression of a Bacterial Carotene Desaturase/Isomerase in Tomato Mutants Reveals Feed-Forward Regulation Resulting in b-carotene Accumulation

11h15-11h40      Martine Lemaire-Chamley ( INRA-Université de Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France)  Identification of a C2H2 transcription factor implicated in locular tissue differentiation in tomato

11h40-11h55      Jose Tomas Matus Picero (CRAG, Barcelona, Spain)  Genome-wide studies pave the way for the characterization of secondary metabolism regulators in the grapevine berry: the journey of a decade

11h55-12h10      Baowen Huang ESR (INRA-INP, Toulouse, France)Tomato class-D MADS-box genes impact both seed and fruit development                         

12h10-12h25      Juliana Almeida, ESR (Royal Holloway University of London, London, UK) Down-regulation of tomato PHYTOL KINASE strongly impairs tocopherol biosynthesis and affects prenyllipid metabolism in an organ-specific manner

12h30-14h00 Lunch
SESSION 4: “Resources, tools and methodologies for fleshy fruit research” Chairs: Marilu Chiusano & Mohamed Zouine

14h00-14h25      Pietro Tonutti (Pisa, Italy) Maintaining postharvest apple quality under extreme oxygen concentrations: molecular responses and metabolic reset

14h25-14h50      Bart Nicolai (KU Luwen, Belgium)Metabolomics and metabolic flux analysis of tomato fruit under hypoxia 

14h50-15h15      Asaph Aharoni (The Weizmann Institute of Science CITY, Rehovot, Israel) Regulation of Suberin Polyester Biosynthesis: From Russeting Apples to Tomato Seed Coats

15h15-15h40      Giovanni Giuliano (ENEA, Rome, Italy)The eggplant genome reveals key events in Solanaceae evolution

15h40-16h05      Elie Masa (INRA-INP, Toulouse, France)TomExpress17b: the last version of the tomato transcriptomic platform

16h05-16h20      June Shin ESR (INRA-INP, Toulouse, France) New insight on the regulation of fruit ripening: the link between auxin signaling and RIN developmental factor

16h20- 16h40   Coffee Break

16h40- 17h40      General Discussion (WG leaders)


Friday, October 7

MC meeting

17h40-19h00       (attendance restricted to Management Committee Members)


Saturday, October 8

9h00 – 19h00  WG meetings and    Technical visit to Porto vineyard