QUALITYFRUIT 2016Final Conference of the COST FA1106


The Final Annual Conference of the COST FA1106, was held in Porto, Portugal, October 6-8, 2016. 
The conference provides a unique opportunity to mingle and share ideas with scientists involved in cutting-edge fleshy fruit research and  to update the communitee on the new resources and tools becoming available especially those related to the two model fruit: tomato and grape.

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Mondher Bouzayen, INRA/INP, Toulouse, FR

Mario Pezzotti, University of Verona, IT

Jean-Marc Routaboul, INRA/INP, Toulouse, FR

Hernâni Gerós, University of Minho, PT 

Ana Cunha, University of Minho, PT

Susana Carvalho, University of Porto, PT

Jorge Queiroz, University of Porto, PT

Sara Amâncio, ISA, University of Lisbon, PT 

Ana Fortes, University of Lisbon, PT