Working Groups

QualityFruit, this is :

23 COST member european countries
6 Non COST countries Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, United-States, Morocco,...
35 Member Committee (MC) members and 14 substitute MC members

41 Short Term  Scientific Travel grants  for a total budget of 36000€ have been granted  since July 2012

22 Actions have been sponsored by COST FA1106 ( Meetings, Workshops, Training schools, ...)

Hundreds of participants attend one or several of  our Actions



Working groups

Core Group members

Asaph Aharoni (IL)

Mondher Bouzayen (FR)

Arnaud Bovy (NL)

Serge Delrot (FR)

Allisdair Fernie (GE)

Giovanni Giuliano (IT)

Hernani Geros (PT)

Antoni Granell (SP)

Panagiotis Kalaitzis (GR)

Angellos Kanellis (GR)

Cathie Martin (GB)

Mario Pezzotti (IT)

Jose Miguel Martinez Zapater (SP)


Working Groups

Working Group 1:

High-throughput facilities for tomato and grapevine





Prof. Cathie Martin

Prof Serge Delrot



Working Group 2:

Bioinformatics tools for data analysis





Dr Mohamed Zouine



Working Group 3:

Systems biology for fleshy fruits





Dr Kristina Gruden

Dr Asaph Aharoni


Working Group 4:

Functional tools for reverse genetics and genetic mapping in tomato and in grapevine



Dr. Arnaud Bovy

Dr. José Miguel Martinez Zapater

Working Group 1                                                                                            Working Group 2







                                                                                                                   Working Group 3 & 4

WG 3&4