Reasons for the QualityFruit Action

The overall objective of this network is primarily to harness existing knowledge and cutting-edge technologies to address the molecular and genetic basis of fleshy fruit development so that it can be more effectively exploited for fruit quality improvement in Europe.

Fleshy fruits are divided in two main categories, climacteric such as tomato and non-climacteric such as grape, and likewise the fruit research community is divided into two specialized groups focusing on climacteric and nonclimacteric fruit. The broad aim of the QUALITYFRUIT Action is to bridge the gap between these two panels of fruit researchers .

Indeed, the completion of assembled genome sequence for both tomato and grape, the methodological advances and the wealth of information and biological resources generated recently create a new context for fruit research.

While the combination of multi-approaches opens new prospects towards a better understanding of the processes underlying fleshy fruit development, it is obviously beyond the expertise and capacity of a single research group to integrate the data becoming available. A number of partners of the COST initiative have realized that the transformation of the high throughput data into knowledge requires intense cooperation and coordination between groups bearing different expertise. 

The COST Action will establish a network between these different research groups to facilitate the flow of information and transfer of data between partners that are scattered all over Europe and to link the European research to the most advanced non-EU groups in this field. It will promote discussion and strengthen/enlarge collaboration between different researchers. This will lead to the generation of new knowledge and will open new avenues for improvement of fruit quality.