Objectives of the Action

The final goal of the COST Action is to open new avenues for fleshy fruit research that allow a better understanding of the mechanisms underlying fruit development and quality through the implementation of innovative multidisciplinary approaches.

By enhancing the nutritional and sensory qualities of fleshy fruit, the Action will increase the attractiveness of these commodities to the consumers and in that regard will contribute to human health and quality of life.

We intend to unify the climacteric (tomato) and non-climacteric (grape) fruit research by bringing together scientists working on both fruit types with the aim to accelerate comparative studies and translational research between these model species and other fleshy fruit plants.

The Action also aims at enhancing EU competitiveness in basic science and biotechnology by promoting the training of young scientists in cutting-edge technologies and by providing access to the latest resources in the field of fruit research.

  Beside the above stated overall goals, the COST Action aims also to meet the following objectives